Quality Certification

API authorized manufacturerBALL & SEAT

is an API authorized manufacturer under Specification 11AX. Our quality system meets API Specification Q1 requirements and as such is continually monitored and improved to insure the end product meets or exceeds quality requirements.

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is exhibiting at Offshore Technology Conference 2016; , Houston, TX Reliant Arena Booth# 7614, May 2nd - May 5th

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   API Material Specifications
API Standard Materials
A1 Stainless Steel Ball HRC 58-65
Seat HRC 52-56
UNS 41000-UNS44000
B1 Cobalt Alloy Cast Ball HRC 56-63
Seat HRC 50-56
Cobalt, chromium and tungsten alloy
B2 Cobalt Alloy Powder Metal Ball HRC 53-60
Seat HRC 51-57
Cobalt, chromium, and tungsten alloy
C1 Tungsten Carbide Ball HRA 88-89
Seat HRA 88-89.5
Tungsten with cobalt binder
C2 Nickel Carbide Ball HRA 89-90.5
Seat HRA 87.5-89
Tungsten with nickel binder
C3 Titanium Carbide Ball HRA 89-90.5 Tungsten and titanium Carbide with cobalt binder

Other Materials
Silicon Nitride 90.0 - 92.0 RA Si3N4
Zirconia Ceramic 80 - 84 RA Mg - PSZ