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API Standard Materials
A1 Stainless Steel Ball HRC 58-65
Seat HRC 52-56
UNS 41000-UNS44000
B1 Cobalt Alloy Cast Ball HRC 56-63
Seat HRC 50-56
Cobalt, chromium and tungsten alloy
B2 Cobalt Alloy Powder Metal Ball HRC 53-60
Seat HRC 51-57
Cobalt, chromium, and tungsten alloy
C1 Tungsten Carbide Ball HRA 88-89
Seat HRA 88-89.5
Tungsten with cobalt binder
C2 Nickel Carbide Ball HRA 89-90.5
Seat HRA 87.5-89
Tungsten with nickel binder
C3 Titanium Carbide Ball HRA 89-90.5 Tungsten and titanium Carbide with cobalt binder

Other Materials
Silicon Nitride 90.0 - 92.0 RA Si3N4
Zirconia Ceramic 80 - 84 RA Mg - PSZ